We achieve productivity and success through communication, collaboration, and the application of our formalized system.


There are four areas of concentration that govern our efforts.



Process: A priority requirement exists when we have a complete understanding of our client, the open position, and compensation is at fair market. When we understand absolutes, we are positioned to be a consultative partner. We have a two-pronged approach to screening candidates to ensure we submit our most qualified. Having the commitment to move swiftly through the process, providing us feedback/direction promptly along the way, ensures our commitment to fill.

Principles: We qualify candidates based on established criteria extending beyond their technical knowledge and past experiences. Our philosophy with candidates involves taking an in-depth approach to screening for suitability to your company. We strive to identify the yellow/red flags regarding skills, but also the candidate’s wants, needs, personal impacts, situation, commitment, and values. Additionally, we use professional references to assist in the validation of our efforts, further searching for data that speaks to ethics, clarity and transparency.

Practice: As we sell and recruit, we consistently adhere to SYSTEMTEC’s “lifecycle of a requirement.” This formal process forces collaboration, responsibility, establishes expectations, delivery, and demands regular communication between our Account Managers and Recruiters. Our recruiters do not own candidates, they own requirements. The relationship between the Account Manager and Recruiter is a one-to-one communication. We are motivated to deliver the candidate who best represents overall fit and benefit.

Measurement: We measure productivity. We know our numbers from a company and an individual perspective: candidates to submittals; submittals to interviews; interviews to placements. We do not push activity; we manage to quality and results.